Hackety hack hack

Atypisches Nutzerverhalten mit Rat und Tat.

MediaWiki Hackathon Berlin 2012

This weekeend, I was was busy. I was at the MediaWiki Berlin Hackathon, where an increbibly diverse community of 104 people from 30 countries, all lovely nerds and smart-asses with a heart of pure gold (in short: Wikipedians) came together to hack on all parts of technology behind Wikimedia Foundation projects.

We presented our work on Wikidata on the two days before the Hackathon for those interested. I had a short session about single sign-on and problems that may come with it. Gerard Meijssen blogged about this.

Saturday and Sunday was time for hacking and training. I decided to dive into the new possibilties that are offered by the Scribunto extension, a fresh approach to replace the template language that is currently in use at MediaWiki with a new scripting environment in Lua.

I do like Lua. It’s clean, minimal, and feels like JavaScript with a Brazilian-Portuguese accent. The project I came up with takes various elements from a table, combines them and returns a longer, mouth-wateringly delicious text.

Here’s what I did this weekend:

This is what it does: Generate a random curry recipe

Everything about the Hackathon was great — I loved the organization as well as the participants. I was able to get in touch with someone doing operations at Wikipedia who referred me to someone else who could potentially help me with some Puppet problems at Wikidata, just because all the experts where just a few steps away in the same room, or at least someone who knew them was.

The playful, but incredibly smart atmosphere and the desire to get stuff done made all this probably one of the most satisfying technical meetups I’ve ever been to. A++++++, great weekend, would buy again.